A chatbot is a software that is designed to stimulate human conversation over the internet. It creates virtual assistance for your customers and is available 24/7 compared to human assistance.

iSmartRecruit provides configuring Chatbot on your company’s Website to provide your prospect, candidates, or clients to gather information. You just have to request to configure the Chatbot and our support team will contact you.


You can request the Chatbot from the Dashboard widget, Get Started with iSmartRecruit by clicking on Try Now. 



After you click on Try Now, you will be redirected to the Chatbot page in the system and you need to click on Send Setup Request. 



Once the support team creates your chatbot, you will be provided with a code that you will need to integrate into your website.

Once the chatbot has been configured on your website, it would appear like this. 

The chatbot will appear like this on your website once it has been configured.



Initiating a conversation will greet the visitor and prompt a suitable response. 



There will be three basic requests that can be responded to by the Chatbot. These requests can be related to details about your job, your company, and the visitor’s application for a Job.



On opting for the Ask for Job option, it will show the list of all Jobs from your iSmartRecruit system.

Opting for the About Us option will provide a brief introduction to your Company.

Opting for the Application Status option, it will request the candidate’s email address and then will provide the current status of their application form details added in the iSmartRecruit system, by you. 

Note: You can customize the Chatbot according to your business needs. You can send an email to our support team requesting the customization at [email protected].