Candidate Management

All about managing candidate information into the system with an automation facility on importing resume.

Candidate Search

All about searching for a candidate that helps to make the process faster to perform different actions.

Candidate Sourcing

All about the sourcing candidates from the integrated available external resources.

Client Management

All about managing the relationship with your clients.

Job Management

All about managing the jobs, promoting it on different platforms and fetch the best candidates from outer sources.

Applicant Tracking

All about tracking the applicants and manage their communication with the applicants.

Integration with iSmartRecruit

All about the integrated platforms to make your work even easier.


All about how to manage the billing in iSmartRecruit


All about how to onboard the new candidate and manage their documents.


All about how to manage the administration stuff in iSmartRecruit

Lead Management

All about the lead and prospect management

Client / Hiring Manager's Self Service Portal

All about providing access to the system for the Clients or to the Hiring Managers.


Other features and tools.

Interview & Screening

Schedule Interviews with various of Types of Interview, Send Screening Questionnaires to Candidates

Vendor Management System

Manage Vendor details in the system

Candidate Self Service Portal

Providing Access to Candidates, to register and keep track of their application.

Reports Hub

Generate various Reports to understand efficiency of the Team and the processes