To customize the layout of the Candidate, you need to click on the “Admin” option on the left side of the screen and select the “Customize Candidate Layout” option.

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Manage your current or new fields in the candidate layout here. 

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Add Field in Candidate Form

Step 1: Drag and drop a selected field type from the left-hand side to the right hand side section of the ‘Existing Fields'.



Step 2: A dialogue box to add field details will open up. Fill up the detail required in the open dialogue.



Add the below details and Update the new field. 

  1. Field Name: To store the name of the field for the selected field type.
  2. Mandatory: Set to ON if you want to make it mandatory to store the field value. By default, it will be turned OFF.
  3. Section Name: To display the newly created field inside the selected section. You would find the below option in the Section Name field.
      1. Personal Information
      2. Professional Information
      3. Social Network Information


*Note: The look of this screen may vary based on the selected field type. For such field types, help text is available inside the Edit Field dialogue box. Examples are mentioned below. 

**To add more than one value for Multi-Select, Many Checkbox, and Yes/No field type, a list of values should be added with the “#” (hash) separator. For e.g. Yes#No

***To add more than one value for the Dropdown Select field type, a list of values should be added with “,” (comma) separator. For e.g. NY, NJ, Washington 


Step 3: Click on the “Update” button of “Edit Field” to save the inserted detail of the field.



Edit Field in Candidate Form

You can click on the Pencil icon to edit the field information.



Remove Field in Candidate Form

You can click on the X icon to delete the field information. 



*Note: You may not be able to delete/ edit any default fields. As deleting these fields may lead to errors in the reports and interlinked details within the system. 


Reorder Field in Candidate Form

To customize the order of the Candidate field, Drag and drop the selected field at your preferred place or use the navigation button. To move up/down a single step at a time, use a single arrow button, and to move directly on top/bottom, use a double arrow button. 



Review the order and look at the updated fields by clicking on the plus sign on the top and selecting the “Add Candidate” option.



Add Candidate form