Each work item type is associated with a workflow that supports tracking the status of work as it moves from creation to completion. To support your business and team processes, you can add custom statuses to most of the work item types. 

For example, In the system, each invoice is associated with a certain client as well as a candidate, and to track the progress of the invoice, you can have different statuses of the invoice which can be customized according to their requirements.

To customize the invoice status, you need to click on the “Admin” option on the left side of the screen and select the “Invoice Workflow” option.

Navigation Link: https://app.ismartrecruit.com/admin



The key purpose of this feature is to provide the flexibility to add, edit, and remove status that helps to track invoices into the system as per their requirement.

Navigation Link: https://app.ismartrecruit.com/invoiceStatus



Add Billing Status (Invoice Status)

Step 1: Click on the “Add Invoice Status” button available on the screen.



Step 2: Enter the name of the invoice status as per your requirement and choose the preferred colour by clicking the colour shade that helps to identify the invoice status with the colour code. 



Step 3: Click on the “Save” button to create the new Status 



Edit Billing Status (Invoice Status)

Click on the “Edit” icon (pencil icon) after the respective status name to modify and save the changes.



Remove Billing Status (Invoice Status)

Click on the “Delete” icon (cross icon) after the respective status name to remove. 



*Note: You may not be able to remove invoice status if it is already mapped with the active invoice(s).

**You may not remove/edit any built-in status, as such changes could lead to errors in generating reports.