The recruitment team may be working on multiple Jobs at a time. To keep track of each Active Job, they can assign and categorise Jobs by changing their current status. 

You can customize Job-status as per your organisational workflow or based on your client's Job tracking process. You can customize these values in the Admin section. 

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Step 1: Click on the “Admin” option on the left side of the screen and select the “Customization” Tab.


Step 2: Click on the Job Status icon to visit the customization page. 



Step 3: Create New Job Status 

You can create a new status by clicking on the Add Job Status button. Here, you can also review the current list of Job Statuses.  

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Step 4: Create a new Job status. You can add details like the Roles that should be able to use this Job Status in their system. And also, choosing the Job Status would be an End status. You can also colour code the status to identify it clearly from the list. 



*Note: Mark “End Status” as checked if the status is the final status of the workflow after which your Job will be closed.

Manage existing Job Statuses

To manage and update the current list of Job statues, use the actions icon of the Pencil to update the details and the X icon to delete the status. 


*Note: You will not be able to delete the Job status if it is already mapped to active Job(s). You may not be able to edit/ delete any default statuses of iSmartRecruit. Please contact support in case you want to update/ remove any default statuses. 

**Deleting default Statuses could lead to the removal of certain interlinked data from the Reports.