Each work item type is associated with a workflow that supports tracking the status of work as it moves from creation to completion. To support your business and team processes, you can add custom statuses to most of the work item types. 

For example, in the system, each Onboarding status is associated with a certain Candidate, Job, and Client, and to track the progress of the Onboarding Candidate, you can have different statuses for the Onboarding which can be customized according to their requirements.

To customize the Onboarding status, you need to click on the “Admin” option on the left side of the screen, click on the Customization Tab, and select the “Onboarding Workflow” option.

Navigation Link: https://app.ismartrecruit.com/admin


The key purpose of this screen is to provide the facility to add, edit, reorder, and remove status that helps to track Onboardings into the system as per their own requirement.

Navigation Link: https://app.ismartrecruit.com/onBoardingStatus



Add Onboarding Workflow Status

Step 1

Click on the “Add Workflow Stage” button available on the screen.



Step 2

Enter the name of the Onboarding status as per your requirement.



Step 3

Mark “End Status” as checked if the status is the final status of the Sales Workflow after which your Onboarding process is either accepted or rejected.



Step 4

Select the preferred color by clicking the color shade that helps to identify the Onboarding status with the color code. 



Step 5

Click on the “Save” button.



You will get the newly created status on the screen.


You may not be able to create another Onboarding status having the same name as the existing status in the system.

The "Request Sent" and "Submission Done" status will automatically be changed on the request has been sent to the candidate and once the candidate has submitted their details, respectively.


Edit Onboarding Workflow Status

Click on the “Edit” icon (pencil icon) after the respective status name to modify and save the changes.




You may not be able to modify Onboarding status names having the same name as existing status in the system.


Remove Onboarding Workflow Status

Click on the “Delete” icon (cross icon) after the respective status name to remove. 




You may not be able to remove the Onboarding status if it is already mapped with the active Onboarding(s).

You may not remove/edit any built-in status. Please contact support in case you want to alter the built-in status.


Reordering Onboarding Workflow Status

Drag and drop the selected status at your preferred place to customize the order of the onboarding workflow.



Onboarding Screen

You can customize the Onboarding Workflow from the Onboarding screen as well.