For the Sales team, whose task is to acquire new clients, the Leads module is where they can keep track of all their prospects and work towards converting Leads to Clients. To track the progress of each Lead, they can manage and assign different statuses to the Leads to understand how far they are from becoming your active client. The team can customize the entire Sales workflow to define which status they wish to use for their Leads.

To customize the Lead status, you need to click on the “Admin” option on the left side of the screen and select the “Sales Workflow” option in the Customization section

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The key purpose of this screen is to provide the facility to add, edit, reorder, and remove status that helps to track Leads into the system as per their own requirement.

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Add Sales Workflow Status (Lead Status)

Step 1: Click on the “Add Lead Status” button available on the screen.


Step 2: Enter the name of the Lead status as per your requirement.



Step 3: Mark “End Status” as checked if the status is the final status of the Sales Workflow after which your lead is either converted as your valuable Client or Lead will be closed for future process.



Step 4: Select the preferred colour by clicking the colour shade that helps to identify Lead status with the colour code.



Step 5: Click on the “Save” button to create the new Lead Status.



Edit Sales Workflow Status (Lead Status)

Click on the “Edit” icon (pencil icon) after the respective status name to modify and save the changes.



Remove Sales Workflow Status (Lead Status)

Click on the “Delete” icon (cross icon) after the respective status name to remove. 



*Note: You may not be able to remove Lead status if it is already mapped with the active Lead(s).

**You may not remove/edit any built-in statuses. Removing them could lead to errors in report generation. 


Reordering Sales Workflow Status (Lead Status)

Drag and drop the selected status at your preferred place to customize the order of the Candidate status.