In the system, you can manage multiple templates for things that require frequent use. You can create and manage different types of templates to avoid spending time adding the same details repeatedly. 

You can manage Templates in your Personal Setting, by clicking on the profile icon on the top-right corner of the screen. 

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You can access the Templates section and manage all types of templates within it. 



Email Template

You can create multiple templates for email communications that you do very frequently with your candidates, clients or leads. 


Add Template 

Step 1: Click on the Add template button to create a new template 


Step 2: You can add details like the Template name, and the subject line for the email and you can also choose to share the template with your colleagues if it requires to be common across the team. 



Step 3: You can create the text part of the email body and use the available tags to auto-populate relevant information while sending out the emails. 



*Note: The tags used will only populate information if they are sent from the section they are available in. For example, the tags mentioned besides the Pipeline heading will only populate information, if you are sending the email out from the 'candidate' pipeline tab in the Job screen. 


Automated Email templates

All default temples are automated email templates. These are the ones which you see in the system having a question mark icon beside them.

These emails will not be available as an option to choose from while sending out an email. They are interlinked with other activities in the system which will lead to sending these emails out automatically. You can, however, edit the content of these automated emails.



Text message Templates 

Manage Text Message templates to send out text messages to candidates in bulk.

To know more about the text messages feature, please refer to a detailed article on Sending text messages.

To candidates - 

To clients - 

You can click on Add Template button to create your own template for text messages. 



Social Network Template 

You can manage your templates to use while promoting jobs on your social network accounts, under this heading. You can create multiple job-specific or platform-specific templates to simplify promoting job on your social network accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. 



Job Template

Create multiple job templates for repeat job requirements. This reduces time spent on adding the same job description to the system repetitively.