The pipeline module assist in managing your current candidate pipeline within a single view. It contains details of all candidates that you currently evaluate for your jobs. It is a combination of features available in the Jobs module and the Candidates module in the system. 

You can use the below features in the Pipeline module to gather and manage details as per your requirements. 


Stage filters 

You can use Candidate Stage wise filters to work with candidates who are in a particular stage group in the Recruitment workflow. 



More Options

You can use the More Options button to view only a certain type of candidates in the list. Below filter options can be accessed through More Options. 

  • Active Candidates 
  • Active Jobs
  • Candidates submitted to the client 
  • Candidates with call reminder
  • Candidates with notes 
  • Candidates available for a job change 



Column Filters 

You can also use individual column filters in the list to further narrow down your list of candidates. 



More Actions 

You can perform additional actions on the data. Below is the list of actions that you can perform. 


  • Send Mass email - Send a mass email to selected candidates in the list 
  • Change Status - Change the status of selected candidates in bulk 
  • Mass Interview - Schedule a mass interview for the selected candidates 
  • Unassign Candidate - Remove a candidate from a particular job's pipeline 
  • Download Resume (zip) - Download resume files of selected candidates to a Zip folder 
  • Add to talent pool - Add multiple candidates to a Talent Pool 
  • Move Candidates - Move a candidate from a particular job's pipeline to another



Send Email to Client / Department contacts 

You can also multi-select candidates who are assigned to an individual client's job and send a summary email to the client/department contacts. 



*Note: Please send a request to [email protected] to activate the Pipeline module in your account.