You can provide Feedback for the Interviews conducted with the Candidates with the help of Feedback options within the system. Your clients and interviewers can also provide Feedback for the Candidate if they have been added to the interviews as attendees.

Follow the below-given steps to provide interview Feedback from within the system.

Step 1: Open a particular Job from the Job module.

Navigation Link: 




Step 2: Click on the Candidate tab to view the list of assigned candidates.



Step 3: Click on the Red Notepad icon to access the Feedback form and add your thoughts about the Candidate

You can provide your thoughts and points in the available text area and can also add the feedback sheet if required. You can give overall results and can rate on the basis of General Qualities. You can add more
General Qualities if you want by this Plus ‘+’ button.

Click on the Save button to record the Feedback for the candidate.



Feedback as Attendee

Whenever you schedule an interview you add Attendees from client contacts, and users or add a guest's email who could be part of the Interview panel. They will receive an email regarding the scheduled interview along with a feedback link to submit candidate feedback.



On clicking the feedback link, they will get redirected to the Feedback form where they can add their thoughts on the candidate and submit the feedback. 



All submitted feedback for the candidates will be visible in their profiles in the system. 

Refer to the detailed article on how to view candidate feedback -