To access the Billing module, click on the left-side horizontal three dots icon in the menu and select the “Billing” option. This is the best place to search for the invoices you created in the system. You can also see the amount of invoice and payment you received against the invoice.

There are various criteria available on the top side to search for particular invoices. 

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This screen provides functionality for creating/editing pending invoices, processing the payment, and viewing the payment with the invoice status tracker. Here there is a facility to export a data list of candidates whose invoice is pending to generate in .xlsx and .pdf format.


Add Invoice

In the system, users may generate invoices for the client once a candidate gets hired for the respective job position. Perform the following steps to generate the invoice.


Step 1: Click on the “Add Invoice” button available on the screen.



Step 2: Fill up the invoice details as per your requirement.

  • Invoice No
  • Invoice Amount - Amount of the invoice
  • Invoice Date - Creation date
  • Payment due date
  • Client Name - Name of the Client for whom we are creating this invoice
  • Candidate Name - Select one or more candidates who are associated with the Client for the invoice
  • Status - Select the invoice status from the dropdown that will help to track invoice status
  • Remarks - Insert the remark (if any)
  • Upload the invoice document which you have created in your billing system.

And click on the Save button to create a record of the Invoice. The created invoice will be available in the list under the “Manage Invoice” tab. 



Edit Invoice 

You can click on the Pencil icon to edit the invoice detail for individual Invoices. 



Remove Invoice

You can select the “Delete” option available under the “Actions” column header which is visible with a click of the three-dots icon. 



Process Payment  

In scenarios when a payment has been received for a particular invoice, you can process the payment through the Debit card icon and record all details of the payment received. 



The form will appear where you can record all payment-related information. 



View Payment History

To “View Payment” the Payment history of the respective invoice which you can edit, remove, and export as per their preference,  click on the eye icon available under the “Action” header. 



If multiple partial payments are recorded for a particular Invoice, you will see all details for each payment through this icon.