Pending Invoice Creation

In the system, users may generate invoices for the client once a candidate gets hired for the respective job position. To get such a candidate list, click on the left side horizontal dotted line in the menu and select the “Billing” option.


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Billing screen get appear and Click on “Pending Invoice” tab




This screen provides functionality for creating pending invoices, edit joining detail and add a note on the replace can candidate. Here there is a facility to export a data list of candidates whose invoice is pending to generate in .xlsx and .pdf format.



Create Pending Invoice

When you say create an invoice, it means you can create information about the invoice. You can’t create the invoice document within the system. You have to generate invoice document in your billing system and you can upload it into the system for future reference.


Step 1
Select the name of the candidate associated with different Job but the Job(s) of the same client. 


Step 2
Click on the “Create Invoice” button available inside the Pending Invoice section below to pagination.


Step 3
Fill up the “Invoice No” as per your preference.




Step 3
Enter the amount and invoice.


Step 4
Select the invoice creation date and payment due date.


Step 5
Select the invoice status from the dropdown that will help to track invoice status. 


Step 6
If you wish to enter some key information about the invoice, you can enter in the remarks section.


Step 7
Upload the invoice document which you have created for the Client.


Step 8
Click on the “Save” button. 


Created invoice will be available in the “Manage Invoice” and removed from the list of “Pending Invoice”



Replace Candidate

Under the “Action” column at last there is a facility to add notes in case of “Replace Candidate” if the client has hired another candidate instead of the selected candidate.





On click after the “Replace Candidate” icon, the following screen gets to insert the comment.