Recruitment autopilot workflow is a feature where you can now automate certain default actions that you perform on various candidates within the system. 

You can define various workflows based on triggers, and candidate filters, to perform certain automated actions in the system. 

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Add AutoPilot Workflow 


Step 1: Access the Autopilot workflow feature in your Admin section.



Step 2: Add new autopilot workflow 



Step 3: Add Workflow name.



Step 4: Add a trigger when you wish to initiate the autopilot process, from the below situations. 


  • when a candidate is rejected 
  • when candidate status is not updated 
  • when candidate applies 
  • when a candidate is created 
  • when a candidate is moved to the new stage 



Step 5: Add filters to categorise candidates after the trigger is initiated. The below filters can be used

  • the candidate is present in another job 
  • the candidate is of a certain status name
  • the candidate is from a particular source 



*Note: On choosing a particular filter, further confirmation will be taken for a specific filter name. For example, if you choose filters like candidate source, a specific source name will be requested and if you choose Status name, a specific status name will be required to be chosen from your list of candidate statuses. 


Step 6: Based on the above trigger and filters, you can then choose the action that you wish to perform for the candidates. 

Choice of Actions: 

  • Add tags in a candidate profile 
  • Send a notification to the candidate 
  • Schedule call reminder for the candidate 
  • Add a note for the candidate 
  • Create a task 
  • Send an email to the candidate 
  • Update candidate status



*Note: On choosing a particular action, further confirmation will be taken for the specifics of the chosen actions. For example, if you choose to send the email you will be requested to configure the email contact which will get sent to the candidates. 


Step 7: Click on Save to run the autopilot. 



Edit / Delete Workflows

Use the Pencil icon to edit the workflow details and the X icon to delete the workflow if not required anymore.