The recruiter has to interact with many candidates in their day to the day recruitment process. It may become difficult to keep track of all status of communication with all candidates. Setting such call reminders will help the recruiter make the process smoother. 

In the system, you can set Call Reminders for the Candidate. There are multiple places in the system where you can access this feature. 


Add Call Reminder - Candidate Screen 

Click on the Candidate option on the left side menu and the Candidates Screen will be displayed.

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Candidate Grid View



Candidate List View 



Click on the Phone icon on the right-hand side to set up the Call Reminder of the respective Candidate. Also, you can use the More Action menu by clicking the three dots icon on the right-hand side and choosing to Add Call Reminder. 



Add Call Reminder - Candidate Profile

Click on the name of the Candidate to open the Candidate profile. Click on the Phone icon available on top to set up a call reminder. 



On clicking the Add Call Reminder icons from any of the above places, a popup window to capture the details of the reminder will appear. Add the date and time for the reminder and the message that you wish to see along with the reminder, and click on Save. 



Add Call Reminder from Calendar 

You can Add a Call reminder directly from the Calendar as well. Click on the date for which you wish to set the reminder and choose the option of Add Call Reminder.  

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Select the option for whom you wish to add the reminder, Candidate, Client or Lead. 



Type in the name of the required Candidate, Client or Lead, and the system will suggest a suitable profile in the dropdown. 



Select the required profile and add details of the reminder, like the Date and Time and the message to state the purpose of the reminder in the details and click on 'Save'. 



Edit Call Reminder

You can edit an existing call reminder, by simply clicking on the icon again and editing details in the form. Click on Save again and the reminder will be set as per new details.



Mark a Call Reminder as Completed 

Click on the added call reminder from the icon and choose the option to mark it as completed. 



To keep a record of all the verbal communications that you conduct with Candidates, Clients or Leads, you can use the feature of Adding Call History to the system. 


Please refer to the below articles on Managing Call history inside various modules of the system.

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