Add Candidate

Sometimes, it happens that you find a candidate's brief information who is looking for a Job.  But if you don’t have his/her resume, how are you going to add that Candidate into the system?

The system provides you an option where you can add the Candidate manually into the system and afterward you can edit the Candidate info as and when you get.

Follow the below-given steps  to add the Candidate:

Step 1
Click on Plus Icon ”+” in the top bar and the list of frequently added options will appear.





Step 2
You need to click on ‘add Candidate’ and the form of the Candidate will pop-up. Where you need to fill up the details.


Step 3
After filling the details, click on the Save button to save the candidate into the system.




View Candidate

Once you have added the Candidate into the system, you can see the Candidate into the Candidate screen.