All major modules in iSmartRecruit support multiple views to match the working style of different users of the system.

In the Candidate module, these views are categorized in the system as a Gird View and a List View. Both views are used to display the information of the Candidate to the system user. The key difference between both views is based on the data display mechanism. 

Grid View follows the row architecture to display the data elements of the Candidate while List View provides the row as well as column architecture to display the Candidate information. 

In the system, you can set either of these views as per your preference for the Candidates

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Candidate Grid View 

The Grid view is to have summarized information on the candidate, majorly to have an overview of candidate details, with a segment to perform basic actions. 



Candidate List View 

The List view is more elaborate and contains detailed information, with more options to customize and filter as per your requirements. 



List View comes with a few additional options to filter and sort the details as per your requirements. 


Enable Filters for each Column

Use filters to search for specific information within the candidate details. 



Sorting Feature 

A sorting icon is available for each column.



Add Columns 

Add more columns to your view to view more information about each candidate. 



Select the columns you wish to add and click on the 'Show Columns' button.