To get consent from the respective Candidate for GDPR, you need to send an email to the Candidates. The system shows the red color of the GDPR icon available on the profile picture of the respective Candidate if it remains to take consent or the consent period expires.

You can also search for the Candidates whose consent period expires, for that, you can go to Advanced Search - GDPR and select the Consent Expire search criteria. 


Go to the Candidate Screen from left-hand side menu

Navigation Link:



To send GDPR Consent Request to the Candidate, click on the name of the Candidate, and select “GDPR Consent '' from the “Send Request” option.



You can also use the Mass Email option to send a Consent Request to all the Candidates in one go. 



The system will send an email to the Candidate with a predefined GDPR Consent Request Template with two links. One to approve/disapprove GDPR Consent requests and another to edit own information.


Once the user clicks on the link available on the mail “Click Here” the following screen will appear from which the candidate can approve/disapprove the consent request.





To know about GDPR Compliance Feature and its activation refer to the “GDPR Compliance Features” and “GDPR Activation” articles.