Search is a kind of frequently used option for recruiters. If you are in the middle of something and you would like to perform some search, the Search Panel is the best place to visit.

To open the Search Panel, you just click on the Search icon on the left side menu.



The following are the types of search and other options available in the Search Panel.


Search for Candidate with Name or ID


You can enter the candidate name or candidate id to perform the search. On typing three initial letters of the candidate's name, the system will suggest you a list of suitable candidates in the dropdown. You can choose the record which is most suitable.



Search by Job


You can perform a quick search for the job title. Similar to candidate search, in the job search, you can get the auto-completion so you can select the job accordingly and get the necessary information.



Search by Client

Simply put in the name of the Client and the suggestive list will appear. Choose the required suggestion. 





Search by Lead

Type in the first few alphabets of the Lead name and choose the suitable one from the suggestive dropdown list. 





Search by Contact

You can search for a contact person using the contact search box. All the contacts including Client, Vendor, and Lead will be included in the matching search result.





Import Resume

You can quickly import a candidate resume into your candidate database from within this icon as well. Just by using the drag & drop option. You can even select the resume by clicking the plus icon. you can also choose to assign the new candidate to an existing job from here. Just select the Job name in that 'Select Job' field.