We may come across requirements to send out a common email to all our candidates, in bulk. These could be in an advertisement for a walk-in interview drive, a Recruitment Convention organized, etc. 

iSmartRecuit supports the Mass email functionality to send out emails in bulk to candidates. 

To perform mass email communication, follow the below steps in your account.


Step 1: Click on the Candidates module from the left-hand side menu options.

Navigation Link:https://app.ismartrecruit.com/quickSearch



Step 2: Search for the relevant candidates by using the search option

The system has two options in which you can send the Mass Email. 


Option 1: Multi-select all candidates (if the candidates' count is less) 

Multi-select all required candidates, click on the More Actions button and choose 'Send Mass Email'.



Option 2: Select the range of Candidates.

Without any selection on the candidate, click on the More Actions button and click on 'Send Mass Email'. 



This step will require a choice of a range of candidates, to whom the email would get sent. 



You can use the horizontal scrolling bar to define the range. 


Step 3: Add email content or choose an existing email template 


Step 4: Add links one for “Edit Resume” and/ or “Unsubscribe”. If the flag is set to yes, both links will be available to all candidates.



If a candidate clicks on “Edit Resume”, the candidate will get access to update their own information stored in the system without entering any credentials. If a candidate clicks on the “Unsubscribe” link, the system will confirm the same and their emails will be marked as blocked in the system. 

Once a candidate unsubscribes, you will get a warning message before sending the mail again to the same candidate in the future. 



Step 5: Check the status of Mass Emails

To check the status of mass emails, you just click on the “Reports” link on the left side and click on the “Email Report”.

Select the specific period and you can see the result of your individual mass emails.



*Note: You can not add attachments while sending mass emails.