The candidate self-service portal can allow your candidates to do the registration on your website on their own. So you don’t need to send them emails about the updates on their application.

You can integrate the Candidate Self-Service portal with your company's website to allow the registration of candidates. 

For more details on the Candidate self-service portal, please refer to the detailed article - 


Candidates can self-register themselves with their email address and password and login into the portal. 


On login, they can view the dashboard. Here they can see their applications and the upcoming interviews for those jobs.



Searching for the Job

Candidates can go to the “Search Jobs” tab from the top panel, where they can see all the open jobs in your system. 



View Job

Candidates can view the job description to identify whether they match the requirements, from the view action icon of the job. 



For more information on how candidates can submit their application for a new job, please refer to a detailed article -