The chrome extension of iSmartRecruit is called “iSmart Profile Scanner”. It fetches the Profile as Candidate, Client, and Leads from their LinkedIn profiles and other platforms.

You can download the Chrome extension directly just by clicking on the link below, and It will redirect you to the Chrome Web Store. 


Install Extension to your Google Chrome Browser

Click on the iSmart Profile Scanner extension.



Add the extension to your Google Chrome Browser. 



iSmart Profile Scanner will scan the data displayed on the profile from the following generic platforms:

  • LinkedIn

  • Monster

  • Dice

  • Xing 

The button turns blue and gets activated when Candidate profiles are open on the screen from those platforms.

View iSmart Profile Scanner in the address bar on your browser's right-hand side top corner. (Make sure you pin to have it always visible on the Tool Bar.)


The Scanner will activate once you view a Person's profile on any of the abovementioned platforms.


For Example, let us take LinkedIn as a platform. 

Step 1: Log in to your LinkedIn Profile



Step 2: The iSmartRecruit Profile Scanner icon will turn Blue once you open a Candidate Profile on any of the mentioned generic platforms. Click on the icon, and a Login Box will appear. Log in with your iSmartRecruit credentials, and it will show a quick message for Successfully Logged-in.



*Note: This is a one-time requirement. You must only log in the first time to import a profile in iSmartRecruit.


Step 3: Click on the blue iSmartRecruit icon again to import the profile into the system. You can select the category for which you are importing the profile. (Candidate/ Client/ Lead)

Choosing a category will determine the module where you will see the profile details within iSmartRecruit.



Step 4: Once you click the “Save” button, it will immediately import the Candidate’s profile into the system.

If a profile already exists in iSmartRecruit, the scanner will notify you about it, and you can choose to update the existing profile by clicking on the “Update button”.



Step 5: To view these Candidates/ Clients/ Leads in iSmartRecruit, go to the left-hand side menu option in the Candidates/Clients/ Leads Module. You will be redirected to the respective screen to see your entire database. The profiles you have imported from different platforms will appear at the top of the list.

Navigation Link: 




*Note: Only the information made public by the Account holder will get imported into iSmartRecruit. Particularly concerning LinkedIn, if a profile is in your 2nd or 3rd connection, you can only import the information made public by the account owner.