You can run a Referral Campaign with the employees of your organization to attract more relevant candidates for a Job vacancy. You can also Run a Referral Campaign among your existing Candidate database. 


Enable the feature of the Referral Campaign 

To activate the referral campaign into the system users need to go to the ‘Admin’ Menu from the left-hand side and visit System Configuration under Global Setting Tab. 

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Click on the ‘Referral Management’ feature from the verticle menu on the left-hand side and turn the flag ON to enable Referral Management. 



*Note: Please ensure to click the Update button at the bottom of the page and Re-login into the system to implement the changes to the system.


Run Referral Campaign

Users can follow the below steps for Running a Referral Campaign for a particular Job. 


Step 1: Go to the view dialogue box by clicking on the Job title of a particular Job. 

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Step 2: On the right-hand side, there is a “Share” Button and by hovering over it you will get the option to Run Referral Campaign.



Step 3: You can select who can participate in the referral campaign out of Candidates and Employees.



Manage Master Employees list

In the Employee Module, you can manage a master list of employees among whom you wish to run the Referral.

You can access the Employee Module from the Three dots icon at the bottom left corner of your screen. 

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Click on Add Employee button to create Employee data in the system. 



Run Referral for Employees

When you click on the Run Referral button for a particular job, you will get an option to select to send referral requests to Employees or Candidates. 

Click on the 'Send referral request to Employees' button and select the Department from the Employee Department list. 



Click on 'Run campaign', to send an email to all Selected Employees, to submit their references. 



Example of Email to Employees

The Email that will be received by Employees, will contain information as shown below. 

The email will contain two separate links. One is for Employees to share with their contacts to submit applications for the Job and another is where they can track the list of applicants who apply using their link.



Referral Campaign for Candidates

To include Candidates in the Referral Campaign, you will first need to make a Candidate eligible for the referral campaign. You can mark a Candidate eligible in their profile details. 


Include candidate in referral campaign

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Step 1: Click on the Candidate Module from the left-hand side vertical bar and multi-select the candidates which you wish to include in the referral campaign. 



Step 2: Click on More Actions and select Include in the referral campaign. 



Run Referral for Candidates

Run the Referral for Candidates from inside Jobs details and click on Yes, to send an email to the available Candidates. 

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Referral Report

You can review your Referral Activity through the Referral Report. Through this report, you can evaluate the progress of referred candidates in the system. 

In case you are running an internal Rewards & Recognition program based on the successful hiring of referred candidates for your employees, you can refer to this report to determine the list of Employees who qualify.

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