An activity stream is a list of recent activities performed by the Users within the system. It helps the user to see all the past communication did by their colleagues, so you can drive further communication accordingly.

In the system, you can see the Activity Stream of the Clients in the view dialogue window. 

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Click on the name of the Client and again click on the Activity tab.



In the Activity tab, you find all different types of activity which are listed based on occurrence i.e. recent activity will be listed on top. It is possible to track and group the number of activities performed under the provided seven categories.

To see the specific Activity Stream under the category, remove all the checked categories, and mark only one specific category and you will get a categorized activity list.




Log of Email Communication including Sent and Received with Client will be listed under this category. You have to enable email synchronization to have this email communication.




Task Performed and To-do tasks will be listed under this category. 



All the notes preserved for internal communication will be stored in this category.



Call History 

Conversation after telephonic conversation with the Client will be stored in this category.