The Managers/Recruiters have to deal with many Clients in their day to day recruitment process. It may be difficult to keep in mind all the conversations with specific Clients on Call for one or another reason. The habit of keeping conversation history will help the recruiter to make the process synchronized with other recruiters.

In the system, you can store conversations of the Client. To store Call History for Clients there are a couple of distinct ways explained below.


Add Call History (Client Specific)

Click on the Client option on the left- hand side menu option and the Clients Screen will be displayed.

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Click on the name of the Client and Client View Dialogue will appear.



Click on the “Call History” button.



Select the name of Active Job from the drop down, if you want to contact the Client to know their interest in the opening.

Contact no. and email id will be automatically filled if available with a system else users have to find an alternate way to find and add contact no. as it is a mandatory field in call history.

Select the Date from date-time picker control to store conversation Date and Time.

Select the feedback of the user from dropdown. If a user is interested in a job or ready to change jobs, marked as “Available”.

In case there is still one more call required to get confirmation, create a Call Reminder by marking it and add remarks to add comments to keep important conversation points that may help for further reference.

Click on the “Save” button to store the conversation.




Click on the “Call History” tab.



Add Call History (In General)

Click on the plus icon available on the header section and select the “Add Call History '' option from the menu.

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“Add Call History” screen will appear.

By default, the Client option will get selected. Here you have to enter the name of Client else all for whom you want to “Create Call History”. The remaining processes are the same as “Create Call History (Client Specific).

Click on “Save” if you want to create another Call History.



Edit Call History

Click on the name of the Client and select the “Call History” tab. Click on the pencil icon to modify the detail. Modify the detail as per your preference and click on the “Update” button.



Remove Call History

Click on the Delete icon to remove the Call History.