Managing a task list assists in staying organized and keeping better track of all required activities to be performed. Seeing a clear outline of your completed and uncompleted tasks will help you feel organized and stay focused.

The recruiter has to interact with their assigned clients on a regular basis. An organised to-do list of tasks will help the recruiter in staying in touch with their clients. 


Add Task

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Step 1: Click on the name of the required client from the Clients screen and click on the Task tab. Using the + icon, you can create a new task for the Client. 



Step 2: Update the details like task name, task owner, due date, priority and notification recipient, in the 'Add task' form and create a task by clicking on the Save button. 



The summary of all your added tasks will appear as a list along with their current status. 



Edit Task

You can edit and update a task whenever required. Click on the task name in the list to make changes to the task details.




Push Task for One Week 

If you want to postpone the task for one week and change its due date to the next week, click on the “Push Task One Week” button.





Delete Task

You can delete the tasks in case the task is no longer required by simply clicking on the X icon. 




Track Tasks

You can add Tasks-related widgets on your dashboard to keep regular track of the status of each task. 

These widgets are Upcoming Tasks & Overdue Tasks.



You can click on the Actions icons for each task to mark them as complete from these widgets as well. 



Pending Tasks 

Under each client Profile, you will see a summary of the Pending Tasks where you can multiple quick actions like adding a new task, marking the task as completed, or editing or deleting an existing task.