When you wish to send a similar kind of information to all the leads in one go, the mass emailing option is the best

Step 1

Click on the Client Module from the left-hand side menu options.  

Navigation Link: https://ats.ismartrecruit.com/searchClient



Step 2

Click on More Actions at the end of the page and click on Mass Email.  



Step 3

Select the range to which you want to send the mass emails.



Step 4

Select from which email ID you want to send the mass emails.



Step 5

You can either select a predefined email template from the available dropdown or you can draft the mail as per your requirement.



Step 6

Click on Send to mass emails to your Clients



Check the status of Mass Emails

You can easily check the status of the mass emails you have sent to all Client

For that you need to click on to the Reports option from the left hand side menu and Click on to Other Tab

Navigation Link: https://app.ismartrecruit.com/report



Select the specific period and you can see the result of your individual Mass Emails.




You can’t add attachments while sending mass emails.