Along with your subscription to iSmartRecruit, we provide you with a Mass Mailing feature. You can use this functionality with the system to send emails in bulk to your candidates.

In can you run separate mail campaigns and have an existing Mail Chimp account, you can integrate the account with the system and transfer all candidates from within the system to your Mail Chimp account, to run and track the reachability of your email campaigns.   


Integration tab in the Admin module. 

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Click on the Mail Chimp Connect button to add the Mail Chimp API key and data Center to integrate your account. 

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API key in Mail Chimp account 


Step 1: Open the Profile icon and Select Account & Billing. 



Step 2: Under the Extras category, click on API Key. 



Step 3: Scroll down to Your API Keys section and Create a new key. 



Step 4: Copy the API Key and add it to the iSmartRecruit Integration section, as mentioned at the beginning of this article. 



Step 5: Ensure to add the last part of your API key in the Mailchimp data center details. 



Adding the above details ensures that your Mail Chimp account is integrated with iSmartRecruit. 


Sync Candidates' details to Mail Chimp account 


Once the Mail Chimp account is integrated, you can transfer the candidates' details to your Mail Chimp account and run email campaigns. In iSmartRecruit, you will see an option in the Candidates module to sync data with Mail Chimp. 


Step 1: Open the Candidates module in iSmartRecruit. 



Step 2: Multi-select candidates that you wish to sync with your Mail Chimp account, click on More Actions and choose "Sync to Mail Chimp". 



Step 3: You can choose to sync the chosen candidates to a new list or an existing one.



Step 4: You will be able to see all synced candidates in the "All Contacts" category inside Audience in your Mail Chimp account.