Twilio Configuration

Twilio is an American cloud communications platform as a service company. It allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs.


In our system, we are providing an integration platform with our system to perform conversation via call and message.


Step 1: Create your Twilio account, if not created.




Step 2: Log in with your Twilio account



Step 3: On the dashboard, you will find the Twilio Number, Account SID, Auth Token which are used to connect iSmartRecruit to your Twilio account.


Step 4: Copy the required information and paste it into our system


Navigation Link: Click on Connect Tab




Step 5: Click on the 'Update' button in iSmartRecruit.


Step 6: Move to Twilio to verify the contact number in the Twilio account.


Step 7:  Go to Phone Numbers and move to Verified Caller IDs. Click on the '+' icon.





Step 8:  Enter a contact number.



Note: You have to verify the user and candidate both contact numbers.



Step 9: Add your webhook to your Twilio account.


For Voice Call, add the URL and select HTTP Post from the dropdown at the highlighted place.




For Message, add the URL  and select HTTP Post from the dropdown at the highlighted place.



Step 10: Add candidate mobile number to the system. The candidate mobile number added in the system should be the same as added in Twilio, verified caller ID.


For text messages, you can send a message to the candidate.





Step 11: You can add Text Message Templates in personal settings, templates.



Step 12:  Message sent to the candidate and received can be seen at candidate view dialogue, Activity tab.




On Dashboard, you can select the widget and then see the Twilio messages as well.