Once the Candidates move further into the process, they reach a stage where Clients ask to schedule interviews for the shortlisted Candidates. New trends in recruitment have brought the option of  Video interviews, where Candidates no need to appear physically and give interviews online. 

iSmartRecruit is integrated with a one-way video interviewing platform named ‘Screening Hive’, which can be integrated with the system, and candidates can appear for Video interviews. 

The following are the steps to integrate iSmartRecruit with ScreeningHive. 


Subscribe and create an account with Screening Hive 

Navigation Link: https://www.screeninghive.com/ 

From their website, create an account with the Screening Hive platform. You will receive an official email to confirm your email address, after which you will be able to login into the account. 




Add your Screening Hive account details in iSmartRecruit

Secret Key in Screening Hive account

Navigation Link: https://app.screeninghive.com/a/profile 

Within your Screening Hive account, you can click on the profile icon in the top-right corner and select the Profile button. Under the Integration tab, you can access your Secret Key for the account, which you will need to copy and paste into iSmartRecruit. 



Add Secret Key in iSmartRecruit 

Navigation Link: https://app.ismartrecruit.com/profileSettings 

Access the Personal Settings of iSmartRecruit from the Profile icon on the top-right corner of your screen. Inside the Connect tab, you can scroll down to the Screening Hive Connect and paste the Secret Key under 'Client Secret Key'. 

On clicking update, your Screening Hive account will be integrated with the system. 



Create Interview Templates in Screening Hive 

Navigation Link: https://app.screeninghive.com/a/template 

In your Screening Hive account, you can create multiple Interview Templates to share with the candidates. 

Under the Templates section, click on the + icon to create a new Template 



A Template can comprise multiple questions that you wish to ask your candidates. 

You can add the below details to create an Interview Template.

  1. Template Name
  2. Questions - add multiple questions 
  3. Mark it as Mandatory or not mandatory 
  4. Restrict the Duration of the response ( 1 or 2 minutes) 
  5. restrict the number of attempts for the response ( 1, 2 or 3 attempts)  




Schedule Interview in iSmartRecruit using Screening Hive 

From the plus icon on your main iSmartRecruit screen, you can Schedule an Interview. 



In the Schedule Interview window, you can choose the Video Interview option. 

Add details in the Interview like Job title, candidate name, and expiration date for the interview. In the Template field, you can see the option of the Templates you have created in your Screening Hive account. 



Choose the required Template and send the invite to the Candidate. 


Candidate View of the Interview 

Candidates will receive an email with the link to appear for the Video Interview. 



By clicking on the Go to interview button, candidates will be able to record their Video responses to each question and submit them for the application. 



Candidates can practice the  Interview before appearing for their interview to perfect their responses, and can submit the responses once recorded successfully all responses. 


Review Candidate Video Interview submissions 

Recruiters can review the Video responses of candidates on both platforms, iSmartRecruit and ScreeningHive. 


Responses in Screening Hive

In your Screening Hive account, under the Interviews Tab, you can check the progress of the Interview submission for each candidate.



Once candidates' submissions are successfully received, you can review their responses by clicking on the Play icon under the Playback column.  



Responses in iSmartRecruit 

Navigation Link: https://app.ismartrecruit.com/quickSearch 

In iSmartRecruit, you can view the Video responses of the candidate under the candidate profile. 

Open the profile and inside Interviews Tab, you can review the response to the Video interview.