Website Integration

Showing your current opening on your career page is a great way to source the candidate and establish the branding of your company. 

While applying, you can very well ask questions to the candidates for pre-screening and automatically reject them as well if it’s not suitable with your criteria. You can send automated emails to candidates about applications received, auto rejections, etc. to deliver a great experience to the candidates. 


Setup Code Snippet for Integration

We provide a small code snippet to your which has to be copied on your career page by your site administrator. Once you copy your code snippet on your website, it starts showing all the open positions.

To get the code snippet, you just click on the “Admin” menu on the left menu option and click on “System Configuration”

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On the left side click on the “Website Integration” option.

There are Grid and List view options available to show your jobs. You can copy the respective code snippet by clicking on the “Copy” button.

If you wish to customize the background image of the page, you can upload the image below. The ideal size is 1280x790 of the image.


Note: Feel free to reach out to our support ([email protected]) in case you find any difficulty while integrating.


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Job Listing on Career Page 

Your job listing will be automatically refreshed when you create any new position or close any existing positions in the system. Candidates can also search for jobs using a filter textbox available on the top.





Display Job Information

When any candidate clicks on the job title, he/she can see the complete information about the job. Candidates can submit applications using Twitter and LinkedIn also.



Note: The client's name will not be disclosed on this page. 


Application Form & Screening Questions

When the applicant clicks on the “Apply for this Job” option, the application form will be displayed to the applicant. Along with the application form, the following information will be displayed.

If there are screening questions configured for the job, they will be displayed on the screen.

If there are any GDPR-related or any other terms & conditions configured in the system configuration, they will be displayed on the screen.  




All the submitted applications will be automatically stored in the system and further processes can be followed within the system.

Notifications & Auto Rejection

An email will be sent to the recruiters and candidates.

If there are knockout questions configured and the candidate is eligible for rejection, a rejection email will be sent automatically by the system. Also automatically status of the candidate will be marked as rejected.

If you wish to customize the email templates, you can go to the Profile Setting option and update the respective email templates.

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Duplicate Check

To avoid duplicate applications, the system possesses duplicate checks based on email addresses. In case of a duplicate, the system will give the option to submit new data or apply with existing data.



API Integration

This approach is useful if you want to create your career page something different from the regular tabular structure which is out of the box. In this approach, you can access all information/data from the system through API calls and generate UI based on your preference. In this approach, you may have to take the help of a web developer.

An API key is mandatory while executing API calls. To get your API key just navigate to the following page.

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Note: Reach out to our support team ([email protected]) to gather API details on the integration.  


Additional Customization

All the look & feel of this page is customizable. You can even change the labels based on your language preference also.


Please contact our support or our sales representative to discuss further customization on your Job application page.