Advertising your current opening on your Company's career page is a great way to source the candidate and establish the branding of your company. You can also customize the application page as per your choice for a better Candidate experience. 

Integrate your company's website with iSmartRecruit to advertise all Active Jobs from the system to your Career Page. 

Setup Code Snippet for Integration

We provide a small code snippet to your which has to be copied on your career page by your site administrator. Once you copy your code snippet on your website, it will show all the open positions on the website.

To get the code snippet, you just click on the Admin menu on the left menu option and click on Integration. 

Navigation Link:



Click on the “Website Integration” option to access your Integration Code. 



Step 1: Page Customization

Choose Header layout 

Choose your preferred layout for the header display.


Add Company Logo 

The Company logo gets displayed on the job application page. 



Add Job Posting Logo 

The Job posting logo will get displayed for all job advertisements that you do through your Social network accounts. Also while sharing jobs via WhatsApp, Linkedin, Twitter etc, this logo will get added to the job ad. 


Add Header Background Image 

The top section of the job application page will show this image. 


Customize information for the Header section & enable/disable various additional functions 

  1. All open jobs button 
  2. Company website button 
  3. Apply with the LinkedIn button
  4. Apply with the Indeed button 
  5. Apply with the Twitter button 
  6. Company links for social network accounts - Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter 
  7. Enable cookie 
  8. Enable the 'Share with' widget 
  9. Enable the Google Translate option 


Customize Text & Background colors 

You can customise the text and the background colors of each f the information that gets displayed on the Job description page. 


Add the Company's introduction 

You can add a brief introduction about the company, which will get displayed below the Job description details for candidates to understand what are your organizational values and policies. 






Step 2: Choose the Integration approach

Option 1: Grid View 

There is a Grid view option available to display your jobs. You can copy the code snippet by selecting the entire code and copying it. 




You can also hover over the Yellow eye icon to have a glimpse of what the list view and the grid view would look link. 



Preview of Public Job page



Option 2: API Integration 

You can integrate your website using our open APIs. You can explore the API documentation and share it with your Website development team to configure it as per your requirement. 

Or you can contact our support team to seek their help in customising your career page. 



Step 3: Customize Job application fields 

Candidates will view these fields when they choose to apply for the job. They will be required to submit the details that you request in these fields. 

This list would allow you to any of the default fields of the candidate form. 


You can choose to mark these fields as mandatory as well. 


All candidates who submit their application for the job will get added to the system under Applied status for the respective job's candidate pipeline.