Candidate Interview

Conducting Interviews is the key step to screen through suitable Candidates for a particular Job. 

Schedule Interview 

Schedule Interview from the Candidates Tab in the Jobs Module. Using  + sign. 




Type of Interview

There are various types of Interviews you can choose from the dropdown option. You can always add your own type as well by simply clicking on the + icon beside the Interview type. 


Normal Interview 

Fill in details of the Interview in the Interview form, like Type of Interview, adding attendees from the list of users or Interviewers, adding guest email (if required), and choosing to send an email to the Candidate. 


The Candidate here will receive a CSV file to attach to their own calendar as a reminder. 



And you can always choose the duration at which you wish to receive the notification for the scheduled Interview. 



Self-Service Interview 

Provide various Interview Dates and Time slots to the candidate to choose a convenient slot to appear for the Interview. (Use this for Senior Level Job vacancies)


Video Interview 

IsmartRecruit can integrate with a tool called Screening Hive to conduct one-way Video Interviews with the Candidates. 


Refer to below article to subscribe and connect with Screening Hive