Conducting Interviews is the key step to screening suitable Candidates for a particular Job. 


Schedule Interview 

You can schedule an interview for your candidates, from multiple places in the system.


Path 1: Schedule an Interview from the Candidates Tab in the Jobs Module, by using the + icon. 

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Path 2: + icon on the Top bar 

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Modes of Interview

There are various methods by which you can schedule & conduct an interview from the system. 

  • Standard Interview
  • Self Scheduling Interview 
  • Video Interview 



Standard Interview 

Fill in the details of the Interview in the Interview form as suggested below.

  • Interview Type - You can customize the type of interview by clicking on the + icon 
  • Interview Date & Time - Choose the date and time according to the Candidate's time zone
  • Interview Duration - Define the duration of the interview
  • Interview Location - Mention the Location of the Interview in case of a face-to-face interaction 
  • Add Attendees - Add details of the Panel members (add a guest email if any panel remember is an outside member)
  • Set a reminder for the interview - To receive a reminder in your system for the scheduled interview
  • Add Meeting details or use the Google Meet platform to add virtual meeting details - Use this feature in case of a virtual meeting
  • Send Email to Candidate 

The Candidate here will receive an ICS file to attach to their calendar as a reminder. 


Self Scheduling Interview 

Self Scheduling interview is important for Senior level candidates. For Senior positions, you can provide various available Dates & time slots to the candidates to choose from, as per their availability to appear for the interview. 



The Candidates will receive an email with a link where they can choose the most suitable time slot for the interview.




Video Interview 

IsmartRecruit can integrate with a tool called Screening Hive to conduct one-way Video Interviews with the Candidates. Refer to the below article to subscribe and connect with the Screening Hive platform. 

Screening Hive allows you to create Interview templates and share them with candidates via email. Candidates can attend the interview at their convenience and can reply with their video responses to the questions you share in the templates. This reduces the time spent in coordinating a suitable time for interview with your candidates.