On scheduling an Interview with a Candidate, the interviewer and the users who are the panel members of the Interview can submit feedback for the candiadte via a link, which they receive in their email of the scheduled interview. 

The users of the system can submit feedback from within the system as well, through a notepad icon beside the candidate name in the candidate pipeline of the job. 



Interviewers will receive an email containing a link to submit feedback when they are added to the Interview details from iSmartRecruit.

To know in detail about how to submit the Feedback for a candidate, please refer to the article - https://help.ismartrecruit.com/applicant-tracking/provide-interview-feedback 


View Candidate Feedback  

A Candidate can be assigned to multiple jobs and can be evaluated through multiple Interviews, to view summarized feedback of all interviews for each job, you can view them in the Interview section of the candidate profile as well as in the Interview section of the Job details. 


Candidate profile 

Open the required candidate profile in the candidate module from the left-hand side menu and click on the Interview tab. 

Navigation Link: https://app.ismartrecruit.com/quickSearch 



Click on the Page icon for each interview to view all feedback. 



Summary of All Feedback

You can view the summary of all feedback submitted by multiple interviewers along with the individually submitted ratings in detail for the candidate.



Job View

Open a particular job from the jobs module from the left-hand side menu and click on the Interviews tab. 

Navigation Link:  https://app.ismartrecruit.com/openJob 



For each assigned candidate, whose interviews were scheduled, you can view their interview details here and also their feedback, if the interview is already conducted, through the page icon of each candidate. 



You can view summarized feedback for the candidate, along with all comments of the Interviewer.