You can now integrate your Microsoft Teams account with iSmartRecruit to use them while scheduling Interviews with the Candidates and generate the Meeting links, without leaving the system.


Step 1: Go to Personal Setting From the right-hand side menu and you will get redirected to the Profile Setting.

Navigation Link



Step 2: In the Personal Settings, you need to click on the Connect tab, where you get various options to connect to the system. 



Step 3: Under the Online Meeting Connect heading, you can click on either the symbol or hyperlink, and it will navigate you towards login into your Microsoft Teams. On successful login, Microsoft Teams will be integrated with the system. 




You can also choose to connect and integrate with Microsoft Teams while scheduling the interview. In the Interview Scheduling Dialogue Box, there will be a suggestive button that will redirect you to the connect tab for integration. 



Step 4: While scheduling an Interview, once the required platform is integrated with the system you will see an option to generate the Microsoft Teams, Link. 'Send Interview Invite Using Microsoft Teams

Once you add all the details of the Interview and Click on the 'Scheduled Interview' button, the system will create the Meeting Link and by adding all the Attendees, Interviewers, and Guests as Participants they will receive the Interview Invite. 



View the Interview on the Dashboard

On the Dashboard, you will able to view the Interview Schedule in the Upcoming Interview Widget with access to the Meeting Link easily and Join the meeting directly by clicking on it. 



Interview Scheduling through Microsoft Teams is not supported in Self Scheduling Interviews.