All created Questionnaires for Screening purposes can be shared with the Candidates via email separately as well. You can manage multiple questionnaires in the questionnaire module and can send them to candidates to request responses. 

For more information on creating and managing questionnaires refer to the detailed article - 

To send the questionnaires to a candidate, please follow the below steps.


Step 1: Visit the Candidates module. 



Step 2: Open the Candidate profile with which you wish to share the Questionnaire. Under Send Request option, choose Questionnaire. 



Step 3: On clicking the Questionnaire option, it will open an email template, where you can type the email content and choose the required questionnaire from your saved Questionnaires. 



Step 4: Click on Send to send the questionnaire to the candidate. 



The candidate will receive an email with a questionnaire link, through which they can revert to the questions and submit their responses.