It is always a good idea to search for matching candidates within your resume database first when you start with any new job opening. Matching Candidate is a unique feature in the system which gives you the list of Candidates who are matching for that particular Job you have created. 

You can find the matching Candidates by following these steps.

Step 1: Go to Jobs from the left-hand side menu option and you will get redirected to the Active Job screen.

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Step 2: Select any particular Job and click on the Job title, and the Job View Dialog Box will open. Click on the ‘Matching Candidate’ tab, where you will see the list of Candidates along with their matching percentile scores.



Step 3: Select the Candidate you find relevant based on their Resume and assign them to the Job. 



Assign to Job


Send Request to candidates to review Job and submit Application

You can also send an email request to Candidates from this list to request them to review the Job details and if interested, submit their application for the vacancy. 

This email will contain a Job Description link, which candidates can refer to and choose to submit their application. 



Criteria Used for Matching 

The system is suggesting matching Candidates based on the following field value of the Candidate details.

> Designation

> Location

> Experience

> Skills

> Qualification

The values of the Candidate are compared with the Job information. If one of the above field values is not in the  Job information then it will parse from the Job description if available. 

The system also considers a certain weightage for each parameter for comparison. 


Designation / Job Title 

The designation should exactly match the 'Job Title' of the Job.

The designation has 20 points for matching.



The location matches the 'Location' field of the Job form.

The location has 10 points for matching.



Experience has 10 points for matching.

If the Candidate's experience is between the minimum and maximum experience of the Job then get 10 points for matching.

If the Candidate's experience is either exactly at the minimum level or maximum level of the experience criteria of the Job then the candidate gets 5 points for matching.



Skills have 50 points for matching. Skills are recorded under Tags in Jobs and Candidates' details. 

If you have 10 skills for matching and a Job has only 5 skills then get 25 points.

If you have 10 skills for matching and a Job has all the 10 skills then get 50 points.



The qualification has 10 points for matching.

If you have 2 Qualifications for matching and a Job has only 1 Qualification then get 5 points.

If you have 2 Qualifications for matching and the Job has all the qualifications then get 10 points.


*Note: Please note that Candidates assigned to this Job will then not be considered in the result.


Change Criteria And Preferences of Matching

You can also change the criteria or search for specific keywords to get the best matching Candidates for the Job.

Simply turn ON / OFF the buttons for each criterion and add values as per your requirements. Click on the Match Candiates button and the result will be updated as per your custom criteria.  



Match Candidates