Convert Lead as Client

When the prospect or the Lead on which you were tracking for a long time, finally agrees to make a deal, then they are called as our Clients. You can also put the status of the Lead to Converted as Client and the details of the Lead can also be seen in the Clients screen thereafter. 


You can convert your Lead into the Client by following the below given steps:


Step 1
Click on ‘Leads’ from the left hand side menu options, you will get redirected to the ‘Manage Lead’ Screen.  


Navigation Link:





Step 2
Select the Lead and click on its current status to change it as Converted as Client.




Step 3
Select the status as Converted as Client. The system will ask you for confirmation in a pop-up. Select the “Yes” button and convert the Lead to the Client.




Step 4
You can see the Lead is successfully Converted as Client. You can refer to the Client screen to see the Leads information after it is converted as Client.




Note: Lead status can be Customizeable, as per your sales workflow, go to the ‘Admin’ form the left hand side menu option ‘Manage Lead Status’.