Lead Task

One of the most important reasons for keeping a task list is the organization. Organizing your tasks with a list can make everything much more manageable and make you feel grounded. Seeing a clear outline of your completed and uncompleted tasks will help you feel organized and stay focused.

The recruiter has to deal with many Leads in their day to day recruitment process. It may be difficult to keep in mind actions for specific Leads. The habit of creating a list to-do task will help the recruiter to execute the process without fail. In the system, you can keep a task list for the Lead. Leads View Dialogue screen is the main place to manage tasks.


Add Task

Step 1: Click on the Lead name from the Leads screen

Navigation Link:  https://app.ismartrecruit.com/searchProspect





Step 2

 Click on the “Add Tasks” link. Insert the self-explanatory task into the “Task Name” and select the owner of the task from “Task Owner” dropdown.






Step 3: Select the target date.




Step 4: Set the priority of the task Low, Average, High, Very High and Extremely Critical from dropdown.




Step 5: Select the active user from the dropdown to whom you want to notify about the task to contribute.




Step 6: Click on the “Update button.



Note : If you want to create a task with a default value and in one click, just enter the task name and click on the “Save Task” button available in the “Task” tab of Lead View Dialogue.


Edit Task

To edit a task, click on the pencil icon available with the respective created task.

If you want to postpone the task for one week, click on the “Push Task One Week” button.





Start inserting the name of the Lead in the textbox and the relevant name of the Lead will be listed below. Select the exact name from the list.


Remove Task

To remove tasks, click on the pencil icon available with respective created task and click on the “Delete” button to delete task on completion or cancellation.