Send Email to Leads

You can integrate your email account with the system and start sending emails to Leads from the system. 

To perform email communication, you have to click on to the Leads from the left-hand side menu option. 

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Select one or more Leads to whom you want to send an email and click on the “Send Email”
Button available at the bottom of the screen.

Mail compose dialogue will appear.





You can see that the selected Lead’s mail id is available in the “To” part and your configured mail id will be available in the “From” part of the mail compose box. 

Either you can select a predefined email template from the available dropdown option or you can draft mail as per your requirement.




You can even use the bullets, images, and other formatting options available in the top section of the editor.

In the bottom, you can see the Pin icon which can be used to upload the attachment with the email.

Send Email to Individual Leads

Just click on the “Send ” button available in the Lead view dialogue to send the email.