To access the Onboarding Screen as Agency organization type, click on the left-side horizontal 3 dots in the menu and select the “Onboarding” option.



To access the Onboarding Screen as a Corporate organization type, click on the icon of “Onboarding” available on the left side menu.



To start tracking Onboarding Process click on the  “Inprocess Onboarding Candidates” tab on the “Onboarding Tracking” screen.



Here users can see the list of candidates with their Job Titles, Client Names, and onboarding status. 



Users can change the status as per their preference from the dropdown that will appear upon clicking on the status. Once the status of the candidate has been changed to Completed, that candidate will then move to the "Completed Onboarding Process."



Users can resend the Welcome Email to the Candidate by simply clicking over the pink email button.



Users can also review the onboarding for the candidate by clicking on the yellow eye icon.



If users wish to Edit or Cancel the onboarding for the candidate, they can do so through the More Actions (3 Dots) and simply click on the action that they want to perform.