The calendar option allows you to integrate your Google or Outlook calendar with iSmartRecruit. You can manage your events, interviews, call reminders, and tasks of you and your team at the same place.

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You can access the Calendar through the Calendar icon on the top menu. 



Within your Calendar, in the top-right corner menu, you get an option to connect your Google or Outlook calendar with iSmartRecruit.



Connect your Calendar

Click on the Google or Outlook icon in the Calendar and it will redirect you to the respective Login pages. 

Sign in using your credentials and provide authorization to connect the calendar with the system. 

Google Calendar



Outlook Calendar 



Plan details in the Calendar

Within Calendar, you can plan to perform various activities. 

Simply click on the required date and the system will suggest four options to choose from. 

You can schedule the below activities through the calendar. 

  1.  Schedule Interview 
  2. Schedule Event 
  3. Add Task 
  4. Add Call Reminder 



Schedule Interview

To Schedule an Interview, you can add the Interview details in the form, choose the type of interview and schedule the Interview for a particular date and time. 



*Note: For more information on scheduling an interview, please refer to the detailed article on Interviews - 


Schedule Event 

You can schedule events related to your work requirements in the calendar.

Simply add event details and save them to schedule it in your calendar. You can add details like Event Participants, reminder details, duration of the event, etc. 



Add Task 

Tasks are mainly a to-do list for the user. One can add tasks to their calendar to keep track of daily activities they are required to perform. 

Add details in the task like its priority, due date, and type of task. Also, choose to notify other users, of the tasks updates. 



Add Call Reminder 

Schedule Call reminders for candidates, clients, leads or vendors to never miss a follow-up call. 




Other Calendar Features 

Just beside the Google and Outlook icons, you can see four unique icons that represent the following things in order.

  1. Event
  2. Interview
  3. Task
  4. Call Reminder 

Enable the required icon to view related details scheduled in the calendar. For example: if the Interview icon is selected, you will be able to view all scheduled interviews in the calendar. A small green tick mark appears on the chosen icon.