1. What is the difference between Active Jobs and Active Vacancies?

Ans. Active jobs mean the count of Jobs that are still open and Active Vacancies mean the number of candidates required for the open jobs. 

(E.g. there is a job of Office Assistant which requires the number of candidates is 2. In this case, the Active Job count will be 1 and the Active Vacancies count will be 2).


2. How is the work completion counted?

Ans. No of hired / No of Vacancies * 100


3. Where can you see the work completion rate in the system?

Ans. You can see the work completion rate on the below screens:

●       Overall work completion can be seen on the  Dashboard screen.

●       If you want to see job vice work completion it can be seen on the Job screen.  


4. In which languages, the resume parser will parse the resumes?

Ans. The resume parser will parse resumes in the following languages:- Hebrew, Spanish, French, Japanese and English.


5. What fields can be parsed from the Resume Parser?

Ans. The below-mentioned fields get parsed by Resume Parser

●   Name 

●   Mail address

●   Contact No

●   Location

●   Qualification

●    Skills

●   Current CTC

●   Expected CTC

●   LinkedIn URL

●   Twitter URL

●   Candidate Image

●   Designation

●   Current Employer

●   Date of Birth

●   Experience

●   Gender

●   Marital Status

●   Home No 

●   Nationality

●    Pin code


6.   Can we send the meeting invite as we are sending from outlook to the Client, Lead & vendor?

Ans. Yes, we can send the meeting invite to the Client and Lead. When we create the event for the client, Lead & vendor. They will receive an ICS file in the mail. They can save the event on their outlook calendar. 


7.  Is it possible to customize the client, candidate & job forms?

Ans. Yes, you can customize the Client, Candidate & Job forms according to your requirements. You can also re-order the form upon your requirements. Visit the Customisation Tab under the Admin section of your account.

Navigation link: https://app.ismartrecruit.com/admin 


8.   Can we add notes to each client contact?

Ans. Yes, you can add notes to each client contact. There is a Notes icon beside each Client name and while adding a new Note, you can add the Client Contact under 'Contact Name'.


9. How do I remove a job associated with a specific candidate?

Ans. You just need to unassign a candidate from a job from the candidate tab inside the Job view dialogue box. Under 'More Actions', you will find an option to Unassign Candidate. 


10.  Can we post jobs on Indeed?

Ans. Yes, we can post the job on Indeed. We support only Free Job listings on Indeed. 


11.   When the target date is crossed, will you get the notification or mail?

Ans. No, you will not get a notification or mail if you have crossed the Target line. But you can see delayed jobs in the “Top Ten Delay jobs” widget on the Dashboard. You can generate the report of delayed jobs which you will find under “Job Duration Report”.


12.   How can we notify recruiters and managers for any particular job?

Ans. When we create a new job, the associated participant user will get acknowledged by Growl or Push notification.


13.   Can we promote jobs from iSmartRecruit to social media?

Ans. Yes, you can promote jobs on your social media. Explore the Run Social Campaign feature from the 'Three dots' icon inside the Job view dialogue box. 


14.   What do you mean by Active Candidate?

Ans. Active Candidate means those candidates who are assigned to the job and you can see all those candidates who are in the process of getting hired and rejected for the job. Once the candidate status is hired or rejected in the active candidate screen, you will not be able to see that candidate in the active candidate screen because they are Placed/Rejected for the job.


15.   Where can you see all the candidates who are coming from the website or applying for the different job boards or social networks?

Ans. You can see all those candidates in the Candidate tab of a particular Job view dialogue box. They would be assigned under the 'Applied' status.


16.   How can we assign the candidate to a Job?

Ans. You can assign the candidate to the job in two ways:

●   You can select the job and drag & drop the resume into the drop area.

●   You can search for the candidate, select them and click on the 'Assign Job' button to link them to a job. 


17.   Who has permission to change candidate status in bulk?

Ans. Any user of the system can change the candidate status in bulk. You can multi-select the candidates, then by clicking on the 'More Actions' icon, you can choose the option to change the status for selected candidates. 


18.   If you add a candidate to iSmartRecruit with no resume, how do you add in the resume later?

Ans. If you are adding a few details of the candidate in iSmartRecruit, you can add the resume of the candidate by editing the information of the candidate through the EDIT icon. 


19.   Can you make it so that custom messages (notifications)are triggered as you move the candidate through a workflow?

Ans. Yes, the Assigned Recruiter and Manager both, will get the update notification as the candidate moves through a workflow.


20.   If I type in notes about John in Job A do they show up in the notes about John in Job B?

Ans. Yes, you can see the note created by a user for the same candidate in job A & job B. 


21.   From where we can see all the candidates who are assigned to one job?

Ans. We can see all the candidates who are assigned to one job from the Candidate Pipeline screen of a particular Job. Simply open the job to see the Job view dialogue box and under the Candidate tab, you will see all candidates for the Job. 


22.   If we want to send candidates' information to the client without their mail address and contact details then is that possible?

Ans. Yes, that is possible. This is a feature called, Share Job Tracker. Kindly follow the path given below

Jobs Module>>Open on the Job name>>Click on the Candidate tab>>Click on "Accessible" for those candidates' resumes that you wish to send to the client>>Click on "Share Job Tracker Link" on the top left- hand side>> Select the fields that you do not want to send to the client>>Type the email of the client>> Click on “Send Email”


23.   How is the success rate counted in the candidate pipeline screen?

Ans. The number of candidates placed for the job. For eg: - if there are 10 candidates assigned to the job, on the job only 5 candidates get placed. Then the success rate will be 50%.


24.   How is the workflow of candidates maintained in iSmartRecruit?

Ans. The workflow is maintained by having the different statuses of the candidate, which are customized. You can customize the candidate status from​ ​the Admin section.


25.   How many resumes can you add for a  particular candidate in iSmartRecruit?

Ans. You can add a max of two resumes for a particular candidate and both resumes will be searchable.


26.   How many documents can you add for a  particular candidate in iSmartRecruit?

Ans. You can add multiple documents for a particular candidate. 


27.   Can we assign a particular candidate to multiple jobs?

Ans. You can assign a single candidate to multiple jobs and multiple candidates to a single job.

For example, if you want to assign Candidate A to three jobs, you need to select the Candidate - Click on Assign Job - select the jobs - Assign Job button.  There are multiple screens from where you can assign candidates to the job. They are as follows:

●   Candidate Pipeline in Job Screen

●   Candidate Screen 

●   Import Resume Screen 


28.   Will candidates get automated mail after he/she has applied for the job?

Ans. Yes, the candidate will get an automated mail when he/she applies for the jobs through career websites, social media and job boards. 


29.   Is there any way Candidate can update his profile (resume) on his own?

Ans. Yes, we do have a feature named “Profile Update”. We can send mail or mass mail to candidates, where they will receive a link named 'Profile Update', the candidate will click on a link and he will get the candidate form where they can update the information into the form. On their submission of updated information, we will get a notification in the system. 


30.   What about the duplicate check if one candidate is already there and again he/she sends his CV for another time?

Ans. Yes, we do have the Duplicate check when we are importing candidates from different sources like Outlook, Gmail, and LinkedIn, and uploading candidates in bulk. The duplicate check is based on Mobile Number, Email address & LinkedIn URL.


31.   From where we can source our candidate?

Ans. You can source the candidate from different resources like- Outlook, Gmail, Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Job boards, Upload, Excel, and Mailbox. 


32.   How does the search work for a candidate?

Ans. It works effectively like Google search. We have four search criteria in the advance search which are as follows:

●   Keyword search within the resume:  this search will be placed on the resume of the candidate. 

●   Location and experience-wise search:  you can search candidates from their experience and location-wise search. 

●   Candidate information search:  you can search candidates through their personal information.

●   Other Search:  here there is a certain option that helps you to get the perfect candidate search. 

One can club different criteria of search and get the best result from it. If you want to narrow down your search then we do have an option of “APPLY FILTER” within the Candidate Screen, where you can place a search with the search for the best results. 


33.   Define Optional, Mandatory, and Excluding keyword search in advance search for candidate Search?

Ans. Use different keywords in different fields of, 'One of These' for Optional keywords, 'All of These ' fields for Mandatory keywords & 'None of These' fields for Excluding search requirements.


34.   In what ways we can set up the interviews for the candidate?

Ans. We can set up candidate interviews from multiple screens: - Candidate Pipeline on the Jobs screen, The plus icon on the Top dashboard, and Calendar.


35.   While creating the interview the mail to the candidate, interviewer, etc will go automatically or do we have to manually send them an email?

Ans. The mail will go automatically to selected candidates and interviewers. You have to configure this automation in your System Configuration and you also will get an option to send the email at the time of scheduling the Interview.  


36.   If a particular candidate applies for one job from the website and again he applies for another job what will happen?

Ans. If a particular candidate applies for one job and then goes on to apply for another job, will get a notification that he has already applied for one job, so he/she wants to apply for another job or not. If he chooses yes, his profile will show his application for both jobs. 


37.   What are the different tabs named applied, pre-screen, internal submission, client submission, interview and offered means on Pipeline Screen?

Ans. The different tabs show stages of the candidate recruitment life cycle.

●   Applied: all the candidates who have applied for the job through the website, social network or job boards can be seen under the applied tab.

●   Pre-Screen: ​Pre-Screen is the process in which all the sourced CVs and existing CVs are evaluated as per the job description by the recruiter and all the matching candidates will be assigned to the job. 

●   Internal Submission : It is the next step after pre-screen where all the screened CVs are reviewed by the manager. The manager reviews all the submitted candidates and submits them to the client.

●   Client Submission: In this stage, the CVs submitted by the manager are reviewed by the client. If the CVs are fit for the job, the client will schedule an interview with the candidates. 

●   Interview: In this stage, all the candidates who are in the process of the interview will be considered.

●   Offered: ​After completing interview rounds, if the candidate is fit for the job the client offers employment with their company and will intimate the joining date. 


38.   What is a Talent Pool? Can we add more candidates to the Talent Pool? Can we add users to Talent Pool?

Ans. A Talent Pool is a group of candidates you can categorise based on your requirements. Yes, you can add several candidates to a Talent Pool. Yes, you can add users who will view the Talent Pool. You can also restrict the access of the talent pool to certain users. You can place a search for the candidate within the talent pool.


39.   Can Advanced Search Filters be saved and reapplied?

Ans. Yes. In case you wish to reset the set parameters, you can click on the Reset button in Advanced Search. 


40.   What languages for resumes can you store in the system and can perform the keyword-based search on it?


●   Dutch

●   French

●   German

●   Irish 

●   Italy

●   Norwegian

●   Portuguese

●   Spanish

●   Sweden

●   Albanian

●   Dennis

●   Iceland

●   Italian

●   Bosnian

●   Czech

●   Romania

●   Hungarian

●   Latvian

●   Polish

●   Russian

●   Turkish

●   Slovenian

●  Hebrew

●   Japanese


41.  Do you have the Boolean search option?

Ans. Yes, we do have the Boolean search option. You can make the query and create a boolean string to search for the candidate using the Boolean string within the Advanced Search feature of the Candidate screen.   


42.   Can we place the search on the job boards?

Ans. No, we cannot place the search on the job board.


43.   Can calendar sync be used to send interview requests to other interviewers? If so, can you see when the interview has been declined by the interviewer?

Ans. Yes, you can send an interview request to other interviewers and no, you cannot see when the interview has been declined by the interviewer. However, you will receive a notification if the interview is declined by the candidate or the interviewers. In iSmartRecruit, there is a different module named Manage Interviewer. You can add all the internal and external interviewers into the system and can assign them while scheduling the interview for the candidate. They will receive an automated mail when you schedule the interview, edit or delete the interview. 


44.   Is there any charge for providing access to the interviewers in the system? 

Ans. Interviewers are not system users. You can simply manage Inetrviewers' list in the system. When they are accessing interview details through shared links, they are simply accessing a part of the system, where details are shown. For these updates, there is no charge for Interviewers. 


45.   Can the interviewer provide feedback to the candidate?

Ans. Yes, the interviewer can provide feedback to the candidate.

●    When we create the interview for the candidate, you can select the interviewers. They will receive an email, in which they will receive a link named ‘Feedback’. Once they click on the link and provide feedback, the users will get a notification into the system and will be able to view the submitted feedback. 


46.   Why would someone want to sync their calendar?

Ans. The benefit of syncing your calendar is to ensure that events scheduled within iSmartRecruit are replicated down to your calendar. This allows you to keep all of your events organized and rely on your calendar notification. You can schedule Interviews, tasks, call reminders & events in the calendar. 


47.   Can we integrate the iSmartRecruit Calendar with Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar?

Ans. Yes, we can integrate the iSmartRecruit with Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar. 

●   Click on iSmartRecruit Calendar. Visit the Calendar and you will see two icons for Google & Outlook calendars. Choose your preferred platform and allow the system to integrate by providing authorization.


48.   Is Outlook/Google Calendar two-way sync?

Ans. Yes, they are two-way Sync. You can see all the interviews in your Outlook & Google Calendar versus you can see all the events or meetings scheduled on your iSmartRecruit Calendar. 


49.   Is it possible to pull a report that shows how many people made it through each workflow stage?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to generate a report which shows the activities carried out by each recruiter and manager through each workflow through the Team Activity Report.


50.   How does mass mailing work in the system?

Ans. You can do the mass mailing for Vendor, Lead, Client & Candidate modules. Find the steps below for mass mailing. You can multi-select the required people to send emails to from the list and under 'More Actions' find the option to send Mass Emails. You can also configure the default sender's email for mass email activity in your admin settings. 


51.   Is there any limit to a mass mailing from the system?

Ans. Yes, you can send a maximum of 5,000 emails per month per account. 


52.   Do you use any external service for mass mail?

Ans. Yes, we use a third-party service named “Mailgun”. If you have your Mailgun or Swndgrid account, you can integrate it with the system for your mass email activities. 


53.   How can we integrate mail accounts with iSmartRecruit?

Ans. You can integrate mail accounts to iSmartRecruit from your Profile Settings, under Connect Tab of the Personal setting. You can have a direct integration to connect Gmail or Outlook accounts. For any other email account, you can integrate it through SMTP and IMAP details. 


54.   Can we attach the emails from outlook to the candidate profile?

Ans. Through Email integration, your outlook email can get synced with the system. After that, all your email conversations with the candidate can be tracked within the candidate profile in iSmartRecruit. 


55.   Can we integrate iSmartRecruit with LinkedIn?

Ans. Yes, you can integrate your LinkedIn account with the system, under Social Network connect feature. 


56.   Which job boards are supported with iSmartRecruit?

Ans. iSmartRecruit is connected with various Free as well ass subscribed Job Boards. The system is integrated with 20+ free Global job platforms and subscribed platforms like CV-Library, LinkedIn & Indeed. Some examples of free Job boards are, Neuvoo, Jooble, CareerJet, Monster, EuroJobs, MercadoJobs, Jobomas, etc. 


57.   What support options do you offer?

Ans. We provide support through Chat, Email and virtual Call support (for queries that require screen sharing sessions).


58.   Name the browser for which the browser plug-in is there?

Ans. Google Chrome


59.   Which other places the Profile Scanner works?

Ans. Profile scanner works on LinkedIn, Naukri, Monster& Xing. 


60.   Do you have the assignment module in the system which can be deleted after a few months and weeks?

Ans. No, we do not have the assignment module in the system. But you can create tasks within the system and assign that task to a specific recruiter and manager. 


61.   Can we integrate a software like Jump lead and Xerox with iSmartRecruit? If the integration is straightforward, can that be possible?

Ans. All new integrations with the system are considered Suggestions and they go through our process of Categorizing (Customization request or General Upgrade), Technical Feasibility check, Suitability check for other Clients, Long Term advantage check for the clients, and implementation time frame and cost. Based on these findings, a strategic decision is taken by the management team.  


62.   What types of files are accepted by iSmartRecruit?

Ans. Multiple functions have different File requirement criteria. For example, the formats supported for Candidate Resumes are - Word, .docx, RTF, HTML, PDF & text.


63.  Can we restrict access to external recruiters and managers?

Ans. Yes, we do have a different module where you can manage Access & Permissions for the users based on their Role in the system. 


64.  What types of files are accepted as Resumes in iSmartRecruit?

Ans. PDF, Word (DOC, DOCX). Text, HTML, RTF.


65.  Can we import the data from the excel sheet to iSmartRecruit?

Ans. Yes, you can import the data for Clients, Candidates, Leads & Employees from the excel sheet to iSmartRecruit from our feature named Master Data Excel Import in your Admin section. 


66.   Can we create branches or departments within the system instead of the client?

Ans. Yes, iSmartRecruit supports two views of the overall system. 

  1. Recruitment Agency
  2. Corporate HR 

While subscribing to our service, you can choose either of these two options. You can choose to have Branches or Departments if you opt for the Corporate HR option. 


67.   Can I send job information to vendors automatically from the system?

Ans. Vendors can have separate access to the system as users. While creating a job in the system, you can choose to assign it to a Vendor user. Vendors can access the system and can only view the jobs assigned o them. They can add their candidates to the database and submit them for further evaluation.


68.   How is onboarding done in iSmartRecruit?

Ans. You can initiate Onboarding for individual candidates, once they are Hired. You can set up master documents which you can request the candidates to submit as a part of their onboarding process. 


69.   How can you manage the documents within the system?

Ans. There is a separate module of Documents, where you can manage all documents required for the Onboarding of a candidate. These may include, official forms or agreements, Identity proofs, declarations, etc.  


70. What are the Data Migration types that you provide?

Ans:  iSmartRecruit provides Mass Excel Import for Candidates, Clients, Leads, and Employees. At the time of setting up your account, if you wish to migrate your previous system's data to our system, we have a Data migration team which could assist you in uploading your data to the system, at an added cost. 


71. Do you support Data Migration from another system?

Ans: Yes, we do support data migration from another system. This migration depends on the format, volume and contents of the data, of the prior system and how the information can be matched with the features of our system. Data migration service comes at an added cost to your subscription pricing. 


72.  How is the cost of the data migration calculated?

Ans: The cost of the data migration is calculated based on the format, size and volume of the data. 


73. What is the Turn Around Time (TAT)  for the data migration?

Ans: The turnaround time ( TAT) for the migration depends on the format, size and volume of the data. It could take from 7 working days to a month, or even more. 


74. What are the Terms and Conditions for Data Migration?


  • To prepare data backup, you will need to keep all the data in the folder and zip the folder. If resumes are copied in the nested directory, they will not be processed. Only resumes kept in the based folder will be processed.
  • E.g. You created a folder called “Resumes”  and inside Resume, you create “IT Resumes” and keep IT-related resumes in the “IT Resumes” folder. In this case, resumes under the “IT Resumes” folder will not be processed. You have to keep those resumes in the base folder “Resumes” only.
  • Supported resume file types are DOCX, DOC, RTF, HTML, and TXT. All the other types of resumes will be excluded and will not be imported into the system.
  • The system will not check for duplicates hence all resumes will be imported into the system without checking for duplicates.
  • To share the resume files, you can use Google Drive or other cloud storage platforms. You have to upload the zip file on such a cloud storage platform and share the access link via email.
  • Resume migration can be done only if the account is blank. If you already created data in the system, resume migration can't be done.