All the Candidates who have applied for the Job through Website, Social Network or Job Boards are seen as Applied. 

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Pre-Screen is a process in which all the sourced Resumes and existing Resumes evaluated as per Job Description by the recruiter and all the matching Candidates will be assigned to the Job. All such Candidates displayed under the Pre-Screen group in Reports and Pipelines.

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Internal Submission 

Internal Submission is the next step after Pre-Screen where all the pre-screen Resumes will be reviewed by the Manager. Manager reviews all the submitted Candidates and submits it to the Client if everything is OK in Resume. 

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Client Submission

In the Client submission stage, all the manager submitted Resumes will be reviewed by Client. If the resume is OK, the Client can schedule an interview with the Candidate. 

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All the Candidates which are under Interview process. 

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After some rounds of Interview and testing if the Candidate is fit for the Job, the Client can offer employment with the organization. 

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All the Candidates which are under process will be treated as Pipelines. Once a Candidate gets Rejected or Hired, they will no longer be treated as a pipeline. 

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 Manage Talent Pool 

A Talent Pool is a database of Candidate profiles interested in working for your organization. They could be limited to a specific area of expertise or focused on a broad grouping of individuals who are capable of performing a variety of Job Tasks. 

For example, if we place a search location in South Africa, we will get the result of all the Candidates who are from South Africa. If we want to save all those Candidates as a group, we can create a Talent Pool and save the search so on.

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Call History 

If you have called the Candidate and if you want to maintain certain remarks and feedback on them then you should maintain Call History. You can also generate the report of the Call History from the Report menu.


Duplication Action 

Duplicate action allows the user to configure decisions when the system detects a duplicate resume. Here are some of the possible configuration values of duplicate action. 

  • Overwrite- If you want the imported Resume to overwrite the existing Resume. 

  • Clone - If you want to make an imported Resume.

  • Ignore - If you want to ignore the Resume to get imported. 

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Pause Icon In Pipeline Screen

It gives the number of days the user has not processed any action on the Candidate.

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 Screening Questions 

If you spend a lot of time recruiting and hiring for your organization, you know it can be a tiresome process. Shifting through resumes and Job Applications to find the perfect Candidates can be a serious time suck if you don’t have the right tools or strategies in place. 

There’s one easy way to streamline the process: add screening questions to your Job Application. Including a handful of interview related questions on the Job Application gives you an extra layer of data for screening Job Applicants—which can help you find the best Candidates in less time. 



If you want to generate yearly reports of the different activities and members to cater the growth of the organization you can see it from the Analytics menu.

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 Manage Onboarding 

To add and manage certain documents of the Hired Candidate you need to start onboarding of that Candidate. 

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Manage Campaign 

It is a marketing tool that helps you to do promotions on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

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Add Task 

A piece of work to be done or undertaken by the users within the system. Tasks can be created by the Admin to users and Users to users. 

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Active Jobs 

All the Jobs which are under process will be treated as Acive Jobs. Once a Job is Closed it will not be listed as Active Jobs.

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Client Tracker 

Client Tracker is a functionality where recruiting companies can provide access to Clients and Clients can see all the open Jobs and Pipeline at one place. The advantage of this feature is that you can provide real-time data access to Clients and Eliminate Mails. 

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 Idle Logs 

Idle time is nothing but a duration where you have already logged into the system but not performing any actions in the system. Whenever you come back to the application, the system calculates the idle time and saves information into the system. All such idle log information can be seen in the application. 


System Mail 

System Mail is a general mail configuration to send automated emails to a Candidate, Clients, etc. You can configure system mail-in system configuration. 

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