Connect your work email to iSmartRecruit. Its Two-way Email Synchronization will help in accessing your emails through the iSmartRecruit mailbox. You will not need to switch to your personal email while working on the system. You can even see the conversation within iSmartRecruit and reply. The conversation will remain in your account irrespective of the platform you would use to check your emails. 


Step 1: Click on the profile picture on the top right corner of your screen and go to personal settings.

Navigation Link:


Step 2: Click on the “Connect” tab, to see the Email Connect Option on the top.




Step 3: Click on the Connect Button for your email service provider. You will get redirected to the login page of your service provider, where you can add your email credentials to connect it with the system.

If you are using any private service provider, you can click on “Three Dots” of Other Email, where you can select your service provider from the dropdown list. Add your email address and password along with IMAP & SMTP details to sync your email. 



Step 4: Ensure that the flag is turned ON for the question “Do you want to read email?" This will ensure two-way integration for your Inbox. 



*Note: The Connect button will turn to the Disconnect button, on successful integration. Once your email is synced, your email Inbox outside of iSmartRecruit will make your emails as 'Read', assuming that you will be reading your emails from iSmartRecruit. 


Gmail Connect 

Step 1: Logn using your email credentials. And if you are already logged in on your browser, select the required Gmail account from the list. 




Step 2: Click on the Advanced option



Step 3: Click on the option 'Go to iSmartRecruit' button. 



Step 4: Allow Access to iSmartRecruit and continue. 



If you wish to move towards following a more secure method to integrate your Gmail account with iSmartRecruit, please follow the below method of generating an APP password. 


Gmail Connect with APP Password

Please follow the steps below in your Google and iSmartRecruit accounts to connect your email. 

Step 1: Visit this link and follow the steps to enable two-factor authentication for your Gmail account.

Step 2: Generate App Password for your account. Please follow the below-mentioned path to do so. 

Google Manage Account >> Security Tab >> Below the Two-step verification, you will see an option of Application Password >> Follow the process and generate App Password

Please follow this link, for more help on what exactly is an APP Password.

Keep the generated APP Password copied. 

Step 3: Please login into the iSmartRecruit account in a new tab/ window. 

Step 4: Please follow the path to connect your email account. 

Personal Setting >> Connect >> Other Email


Step 5: Add the details as suggested below.

  • Provider name: Gmail smtp
  • Email: Your email address 
  • Email Password: Add generated APP Password
  • IMAP Host / Port & SMTP Host / Port will get added automatically when you choose the Provider name as Gmail SMTP
  • IMAP Folder: INBOX 
  • OutBox Folder: [Gmail]/Sent Mail 
  • SSL Enabled flag: ON 




This will connect your Gmail account with iSmartRecruit through APP Password. 


*NOTE: Please note that to generate APP Password, two-step authentication for your Gmail account needs to be ON.


Outlook Connect 

Step 1: Click on the Connect icon for Outlook. 



Step 2: You will be redirected to the Microsoft Login page, where you can sign in using your email credentials and allow IsmartRecruit access to your mailbox. 



*Note: If you are already logged in to an outlook account in your system while connecting with Outlook email in iSmartRecruit, it will integrate by default with the already logged-in account of your system. 

** Outlook follows a policy of automatically disconnecting integrations with a third-party platform at regular intervals based on your account type. Kindly ensure to check your integration with iSmartRecruit every 3 months. 


Other Email Connect

If you are using any other email provider, you can integrate the email account using their SMTP and IMAP details. 

Click on the Connect icon for Other Email and add details of your Service Provider's configuration settings to integrate your account. 


*Note: The details required to connect your other email with iSmartRecruit, are usually present in the Settings of your Inbox, mostly under headings like Configuration or Integration. 


Email Signature 

You can customize and add your email signature for your emails. You can add your email signature in the text area and all your email communications will automatically add your signature in the email body.




*Note: Email Signature will not get added automatically in Mass Emails. You will need to add a signature manually while sending Mass Emails.