iSmartRecruit provides a Team Performance Report where you can analyze each parameter to evaluate the performance of the entire's team.

For that, go to the Reports Module and click on the Team tab. Thereafter, click on Team Performance Report. 



You can generate this report for a specific duration of your choice.



The report gathers details like the number of total Candidates imported into the system by each User, number of Candidates shortlisted, number of Candidates scheduled for the Interview, number of Candidates Hired or Rejected, etc.



View the interview analysis to understand how many Candidates actually appeared for the Interview, how many Interviews were successful done and how many were a fail. 



View the analysis in the form of a pie chart as well. 



Export these details to PDF and Excel. Just click on either the PDF or Excel icon and the report will be exported.




All these parameters are calculated based on the change in status for each Candidate done by the User.