If you are outsourcing your Jobs and dealing with Vendors, it would be difficult for you to keep some Vendor's specific points in mind for a long time. It would also be necessary to share these important points with your team members who are also dealing with the same Vendor. 

The habit of taking Notes gives you the opportunity to highlight key points and details that might otherwise slip your mind and you never know when these fragments of knowledge will come in handy.
In the system, you can quickly make Notes of an update or piece of information related to the Vendor. To Add the Notes for Vendors, there are many options available to make it accessible for you at the required places, but all the places are highly integrated to see updated Notes. The Vendors Screen is the main place to Add Notes.


To open the Vendors screen, click on the three Dots from the left-hand side menu and you will get redirected to the Vendor screen. 



List View

If you have set your view as List View (right-hand side), you can see a grey icon beside the Vendor's name to Add the Note.




Grid View

If you have set your view as Grid View, you can click on the grey icon on the right-hand side to Add the Note. 



Mention your Note and Tag the Vendor’s name to notify for the updated Note. Thereafter, simply Save your Note.



View Note

Once the Note is created the Note Icon will turn Blue in color. To View the content of the Note you just need to hover your cursor to the Note Icon in both the views.



Edit Note

If you want to add the information, which you recalled afterwards.

First you need to go to the Vendor's View Dialog box by clicking on the Vendor's name and you can see the Notes added to the Vendor on the right-hand side.



To Edit the Note you need to click on to the Pencil icon near to the Note.



Delete Note 

To delete the Note, you need to go to the view dialogbox of that particular Vendor and by clicking on to the Cross Icon you can delete the Note which is wrongly added by you or team.