You can manage all Master documents on the system under the Doc Templates module. These documents can be concerning onboarding, client contracts or agreements, Offer letters, etc. 

Access the Doc Templates module from the there dots icon on the bottom left of the system. 

Navigation Link: 

Step 1: Click on Add Document button  


Step 2: Add details related to the document in the form, choose a category, add a purpose if required and upload the document



Edit / Download stored documents 

You can choose to edit the existing document by uploading a new one or you can download the document in your system when required. 

Click on the pencil icon to edit the document and the downward arrow icon to download it. 

Onboarding related documents 

All documents which are a requirement when onboarding a candidate in the system, a further action choice and be added to it. While adding a document, when you choose Onboarding in the document category, you will further be prompted to choose to mark it as a default document or not. 



You can also choose the type of action you require from the hired candidate while submitting that document at the stage of onboarding. 

The below actions can be requested from the hired candidates. 

  1. Sign the document
  2. Provide their agreement 
  3. Just view the document



Onboarding relate documents 

For all documents which you add for Onboarding, you can select the document category as Onboarding to enable further actions on this document. 



You can mark the document as a default document, which means that while onboarding candidates, you wouldn't need to manually add this document for each candidate. 



For all onboarding-related documents, you can choose the action type that you wish to request from the hired candidates. 

Request candidates, to sign the document, provide their agreement/consent on the document or simply view the document for information. 



For more information on how these documents can be sued while onboarding, please refer to our detailed article on onboarding.