You can generate and send offer letters to the Candidate so that they can directly get Hired/Placed. The system contains the basic module which can help you to generate and share the Offer Letter with the Candidates.


Go to the Candidates Screen by clicking on the Candidates from the left-hand side menu option.

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Open the candidate for which you want to generate the offer letter, and once the Candidate View Dialog box opens, hover your cursor over the three dots and click on Generate Offer Letter. 



Select the Job for which you want to hire the Candidate and click on Continue.



Fill up the details to generate the Offer Letter and click on the Next button.



You can either select a Template or then choose to upload your own offer letter and click on the Next button. 




Once you click on Next, you can then preview and share the offer letter with the candidate. You have two options to share the offer letter with the candidate. 



1. Send by E-sign

If you want the offer letter to be signed by either your candidate or an authorized person, you can choose to send the offer letter by E-sign. Refer to this article on how you can connect your Eversign account to iSmartRecruit. 


Click on the Send Signing Request button if you just want the candidate to sign the Offer Letter.


Click on the Add Signer button if you want to add an authorized person to sign the Offer letter as well. You can add multiple signers and set an order for the signers to sign the offer letter. 



Mention the Signer's Name and email address and click on Save. 



Once you click on the Send button an email will be sent to both the candidate and the signer and they can easily sign the Offer Letter. 




2. Send by Email

You can directly send the offer letter to the candidate via email. Simply click on the Send via Email button and the email form will appear.



You can either choose to use a template or write the email yourself. After that, you can just click on Send and your candidate will receive the email and the offer letter attached. 



Once you have sent the offer letter to your candidate, it will be saved under the Offer Letter Tab in the Candidate View Dialogue.



If you have sent the offer letter by E-sign and the candidate or signer is yet to sign the offer letter, then the status would appear pending.



Once the candidate or signer has signed the offer letter the status would appear as Completed. The status would also show as completed if you have sent the offer letter by email.



Generate Offer Letter from Pipeline Module.

You can generate the Offer Letter for any candidate from the pipeline module as well. Go to the pipeline module from the left-hand side module.



Click on the three dots on the right-hand side for the candidate which you want to generate the offer letter for. Thereafter, click on Generate Offer Letter.



Edit the Offer Letter

You can easily edit the offer letter by clicking on the blue edit button.



Download the Offer Letter.

Simply click on the green download button to download the offer letter.



Use Eversign Template

We’ve partnered with Eversign, the leading electronic signature provider, to bring a streamlined, compliant, and secure digital ​offer letter experience. With this latest release, companies can create and send their Offer Letters to the Candidates directly through iSmartRecruit’s applicant tracking system. By moving to digital Offer Letters, the hiring team increases visibility, controls the process, and shortens the time it takes to get the offer to the Candidate. 

You can create your Eversign account using the following link.

Here is how you can enable the electronic signature into the system.

Navigation Link: ​



Alternatively, the system is going to show you a connect option when you try to generate an Offer Letter. Here is how you can get the Eversign authentication information.


You also need to add the webhook of iSmartRecruit to your eversign account.

Just sign in to your eversign account.

Click on your account name and select developer from the menu.

Paste the link given below on ​Webhook URL​ field and click on save.





Email sent to candidate/ signer to sign the Offer Letter.