You can change your ownership for the Candidate to your teammates, on which you were working so far. This feature is very much useful if you or any of your teammates are going to be on leave for a long time due to any certain reasons. 


Follow the below-given steps to Change the Owner of the Candidate

Step 1

Go to the ‘Pipeline’ from the left-hand side menu options

Navigation Link:


Step 2

Click on to three dots from the right-hand side menu to Candidate Owner.



Step 3

Pop up will appear, select the Owner from the list and click on Assign Owner button



Step 4
The Owner of the Candidate would be changed in the system.





You can go to the Jobs, from the left-hand side menu option and  you need to click onto the three arrows beside the Job title. 



Step 2

By clicking on the three arrows Icons, you will get redirected to the Candidate Pipeline of that particular Job.
You can see all the Candidates which are assigned to that particular Job, from there also you get option of Change Candidate Owner.