Initiate Onboarding Process of Candidate

Once the Candidate is placed/hired after passing the interview, you can send the Candidate to the onboarding screen where you can send some information to get verified and send documents & get signed documents from the Candidates. 

Follow the below-given steps to initiate the onboarding of candidates:

Step 1
Go to the Candidates Screen by clicking on the Candidates from the left-hand side menu options

Navigation Link:



Step 2
Select the Candidate you want to initiate the onboarding process. Click on the Candidate name and the Candidate View Dialog Box will be seen.


Step 3 

Click on the three dots and click on Initiate Onboarding option into it.




Step 4
Select the Job for which you want to hire the Candidate and Click on Initiate




Step 5
Now the Onboarding of the Candidate is Initiated successfully.