Once the Candidate is Placed/Hired after passing the interview, you can send the Candidate to the Onboarding screen where you can send some information to get verified and send documents & get signed documents from the Candidates.


To initiate the process of Candidate Onboarding, there are three options.


Option 1. Go to the Candidates Screen by clicking on the Candidates from the left-hand side menu options


Click on the Candidate name and the Candidate View Dialog Box will be seen. Click on the three dots and then click on the Initiate Onboarding option into it.



Select the Job for which you want to hire the Candidate and Click on the Initiate button.



Option 2. Change the status of a candidate to Hired.



Update the Joining Details of the candidate and enable the toggle if you want to start onboarding process after updating the joining details.



Option 3. In the Onboarding Screen, click on Add New Hire.



Fill out the form with the candidate details and click on Save.



Click on Initiate Onboarding for the candidate whom you want to start the onboarding for.