Through iSmartRecruit, your clients/hiring managers can stay updated on the progress of their jobs via the live Job Tracker. Simply share the tracker with them via email or share the link and they will be updated on the progress of their jobs. You also have the flexibility to choose which details of the candidates you want to share with your clients. 

Enable Candidate Fields.

An admin user can easily control the candidate's data that is shared with your clients/hiring managers. For that, you can go to the Admin module from the left-hand side menu option. Click on the Customization tab and Customise Candidate Layout.



Simply click on the fields that you want to be shared with your clients/hiring managers. 



Note: The fields enabled would appear on all the Job Tracker for each job by default. If you want to hide certain fields for a particular job, that can be done in the form when you share the job tracker. (explained further in the article).


Share Job Tracker.

Go to the Job Module from the left-hand side menu option and open a particular job.



Once you have opened the job, click on the candidate's tab. For the candidates that you want to share with the clients/hiring managers, enable the toggle to mark them as accessible in the job tracker.



Once you have marked the candidates as accessible, click on the Share Job Tracker button and a form will appear.



You have two options for sharing the Job Tracker with your clients/hiring managers. Either share via email or simply copy the link and share it with them. By default, Share Job Tracker via email will be selected.



If you want to show or hide certain candidate fields in the job tracker, you can select/deselect the fields displayed or simply click on the Show/Hide Fields in the Job Tracker button. 



If you click on the Show/Hide Fields in the Job Tracker button, a form will appear similar to the add candidate form, where you can further select/deselect the fields that you want to show/hide from your clients/hiring managers and click on Update.



Share Job Tracker via Email

The client contacts that you have added in the client module, their email addresses will be displayed by default in the Email to. You can also mention any other email address to whom you want to share the Job Tracker.

You can modify the email body as well according to your business preference. Simply click on the Send Email button to send the email.



Copy Job Tracker Link

If you are already communicating with your clients/hiring managers on Social Media such as WhatsApp web, Skype, Slack, etc. you can simply copy the Job Tracker Link and share it with them.



View Job Tracker

The view Job Tracker comes with two different views, Grid View and List View. You can change the view according to your preference.

Grid View

You can go for the grid view option if you wish to see limited candidates' details displayed on the screen.



List View

The list view is the traditional Excel look that comes with more candidate details being displayed on the screen and clients/hiring managers can also manage the columns displayed. 



Candidates Details

The clients/hiring managers can view the candidate's details simply by clicking on their name and a form will appear showing a summary of the candidate's details.



Perform activities on the Candidates

Clients/hiring managers can also perform activities on the candidates such as shortlisting them by changing their status, downloading their resumes, adding any notes, editing the joining details, etc. They can just click on the three dots and click on the activity that they want to perform.



Note: For any activity that the client/hiring manager does on the candidates, you will be notified in your system.


Export to Excel

Clients/hiring managers can export all the candidate's details to Excel. Simply click on the Export to Excel button.



Status Wise Candidates Analytics

Clients/hiring managers can view the status-wise candidate's analytics and see the number of candidates in each recruitment workflow.